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Katherine Brandenburg
Cleaning Ninjas

Business Overview

“Ninjas are one of the most powerful forces in the universe.” Fighting dirty houses and growing at lightning speed, cleaning ninjas is a locally owned family business serving the Lincoln and Omaha, Nebraska area. With 25 full-time staff, Cleaning Ninjas is committed to defeating dirty houses.

Cleaning Ninjas and Jobber

One day I just started Googling different cleaning solutions. I was using ServiceTycoon in the past and it went out of business. So I thought that I would try another software which was specifically created for the cleaning industry called ZenMaids and it totally sucked. I found that everything that was standard in Jobber was just not available in ZenMaids. Every time that I would talk to one of their representatives about adding the features that I really needed they would tell me “we’re developing that and it should be out in a year or two” and eventually I couldn’t take it anymore so I made the switch to Jobber.

Before Jobber

Before we started using Jobber we were probably using 4 different programs to do all of the things that Jobber does. So I would say that Jobber really simplifies things. Now we have everything in just one system and that just makes it easier to manage everything.

After Jobber

Jobber has all of the features that our cleaning business needs which includes the GPS tracking and the time sheets are really important, plus the client reminders and the scheduling. As a cleaning company, those are the features we really need for our business to run smoothly.

The Best Thing About Jobber

As I mentioned before Jobber is just really easy to use. The Jobber calendar makes everything very clear, it’s easy to see everything that is going on.

How much time does Jobber save you?

Well, it has pretty much replaced one part-time person. So easily, I would say 20 hours a week. The other worker that we had was printing maps and doing work orders and everything that Jobber can do for us so we didn’t need that person anymore after we started using the software.


Cleaning Ninjas


Lincoln and Omaha, Nebraska


Residential Cleaning

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